For all the Doubters Out There…

23 Apr

I did it! I made it a whole week without falling off the blogging wagon. I am blogging at you right before your very eyes! Don’t look now or you might get some blog on you!  Okay down to business: This past week’s training was a mixed bag. Tim and I biked 82 miles on Saturday but then I failed to do my workouts on Sunday. This is not how things are supposed to work. The whole point of working out on consecutive days is to learn to workout while tired, to train one’s muscles by taxing them when they go all Tea Party on you. Apparently I was too tired to realize this. Despite my insolence this past weekend, this will be the first long run I have missed since I began training. And my longest run was 16 miles several weeks ago, and I plan on ramping up to 20 miles in a few weeks following a 100-mile bike ride. And I have been generally consistent following my training plan overall. And, and, and…

At least that is one side of the debate going on in my head right now. The other side of the argument recognizes that I am entering a phase of training where I am tired most of the time and training is not as fun as it was, say, four months ago. For some strange reason four to five hours on a bike just doesn’t do it for me anymore. Even with Tim accompanying me on a long ride or Abby on a training run I can still think of about one hundred other ways I’d rather spend my time on weekends. After a fitful night of sleep last night spent thinking about this week’s training, Abby remarked that, “Ironman training was ruining [my] life.” I wouldn’t go that far. But I am walking a fine line between enjoyment and obligation at this point.

This is not to say that I am giving up on the idea that the next two months cannot be enjoyable. With each building week I am entering new training territory with respect to the amount of time spent exercising. The egoist in me is excited about pushing myself to see how successful I can be at sticking to my plan as things get more challenging. And that ego is strong, mind you. It does not like to fail. It still remembers that time it had to deal with all those bullies and asthma and spent hours on end fantasizing about what it would be like to fight its enemies alongside Chuck Norris. *

Time to double down is my point. About two months to go till race day. I’ve come this far. I think I can go a bit further.

*This may or may not sound faintly similar to the plot to the 1992 buddy film Sidekicks.


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