Ironcrazy/Playlist #2

25 May

There is less than a month (!!!) until the Ironman.

How am I feeling (Zpora asked, so I’m responding here)? Well, I’d say I’m doing okay, except for being a neglectful “father” to our dog, a non-existent sous chef in the kitchen, a sporadic vacuumer and, like George Clooney’s character on The Facts of Life, my days of being a handyman seem like a lifetime ago.

Quincey says, “You haven’t walked me in like months and now you want to like hang out?” (She talks like a valley girl)
Anna says, “Tim? Tim who? Just kidding. Yeah, I know that dude. He takes lots of showers, eats all the time and sleeps in the same bed with me. We occasionally watch TV together while he’s talking about his next workout.”
Our vacuum cleaner says, “Vrrrrrrmmmmmmm.” (What’d you expect, it’s a vacuum? This isn’t a surrealist blog.)
And I’m not sure what George Clooney would say, because no one has asked him.

“Tim’s doing an Ironman? I don’t know about that, but I do know I wear this hairstyle better than you do, Jo.”

Well, It’s that time again. Time for another installment of “What is Tim listening to while he works out?” This is a list, in no particular order, of tunes on my iPod I’ve strategically put on a playlist while I am on the spin bike, on a solo ride or on the treadmill. I would have not even thought about putting together another playlist (for the blog), but it seemed important after my reputation was brought into question recently by a fellow gym-goer.

The situation went something like this:

Tim spinning away on the stationary bike at the gym, earbuds in place. Sweat going everywhere.

Fellow Gym Member: “Can I borrow the TV remote?”

Tim: [Heavy breathing]“Huh? Oh, yeah. Sure.”

Fellow Gym Member: “Thanks. [Takes remote. Takes one step away. Pauses. Turns back around.] Is that N’Sync you’re listening to?”

Tim: “Huh? Oh…uh, it’s on shuffle.”

Fellow Gym Member: [Walks away with a smug grin.]

Ok, so I was busted. No excuses. And most of all, I actually DO embarrass myself each time that song comes on, but when it comes time to update my iPod, I always forget to delete it. So, there’s my weak attempt at creating an excuse. Ok, on to the playlist!

Braids – Peach Wedding
Santigold – Go!
Frank Ocean – Novacane
Cave Singers – At the Cut
Gil Scott-Heron and Jamie xx – I’ll Take Care Of U
Sleigh Bells – Comeback Kid (I do not condone jumping on a bed with a gun, like Alexis Krauss does in this video)
The Hood Internet – Fireworks in the Winter (I’m a sucker for most of their mashups)
Fun – We are Young
Gashcat – Every Summer, Every Spring
Alabama Shakes – Heavy Chevy
Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe (ok, I’m busted again)
Lil Wayne – Sorry 4 the Wait
Mr. Mister – Kyrie
Wiz Khalifa and Beirut (mashup)  – Say Yeah

Hope you enjoy, and maybe you’ve found a new anthem that can replace your N’Sync on your iPod too.


One Response to “Ironcrazy/Playlist #2”

  1. rachel May 26, 2012 at 4:59 pm #

    Kyrie is one of my fav songs! Its on multiple play lists 🙂

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