Track Tim and Ryan on Race Day

20 Jun

June 21 Update: You determine how Tim will cross the finish line! This maybe a shameless, arrogant gesture (assuming I’m finishing, making light of this accomplishment, possibly coming across as mocking those around me, etc.), but whatever. Please take 60 seconds to VOTE HERE –  a la Choose Your Own Adventure – on how I will finish the race. Whichever style gets the most votes will be the way I cross the finish line…crawling is not an option. Documented pictures will be shared here post-race. By the way, Anna does not approve of this idea, as she thinks it’s “too much,” as she put it.


“Have fun and find the humor in the absurdity of self-inflicted physical abuse.”

This quote is a bit of wisdom from one Ray Reid: philosopher, inspirational leader, cyclist.

According to the Roman, solar, Mayan and fiscal calendars, there are approximately four days until the Ironman event in Coeur d’Alene…give or take a few hours/moons, depending on which calendar you celebrate. If you don’t know which event we’re referring to, please go back and reread all 60 or so blog entries to get well acquainted with what we’re talking about. I’ll give you a minute to do that…

You’re back! Now you’re all caught up on what has been going on with Ryan, Abby, Anna and me for the last 12 or so months. What did you learn? Were you astonished to learn how creative Abby was in the kitchen? Were you impressed by my Photoshop skills? Did you gather that Ryan is a substance abuse counselor through his constant use of addict terminology? Were there any take away points that caused you to get out a pen and paper and take down some life lessons? If so, I’d like to hear them (and I’m worried about you).

If you’re interested in following our progress on Sunday, June 24, I am 80 percent sure you can do that by going to the Ironman website on Friday or Saturday and info will be there then. For being a big, well-funded organization, their website makes about as much sense as explaining how Heather Graham continues to get acting roles. My assumption is that there will be an opportunity to click on the athlete tracker in the upper part of the page (see insert) and follow the directions from there…but not until a day or two before the race.

Click to enlarge…I’m pretty sure the Ironman website will say something like what’s listed at the top.

If you choose not to follow the athlete tracker to find us, that’s fine (but why not?). If you’re the type that says, “I’ll just check the Ironmannaise website again to hear how it went,” that’s fine too. But know that all four of us are going to Glacier National Park for the week following the event. So unless Abby or Ryan feels like blogging in Montana, you’ll be left in suspense until we get back. Either way, you’ll get a full race report around July Fourth…which is appropriate, because we’ll be celebrating our independence.

Lastly, remember my “Everyone Poops” post? Well, for those who were offended, you should know it’s normal and read THIS (thanks Mark!). I hope this doesn’t mean 83% of the people doing this Ironman will pull over to “stretch out a cramp.”


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